Salary: Negotiation



Application deadline: 23/09 — 23/10/2020

Job Description


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accountable for overall profitability and the strategic plans of the CEN department.
  • Ensuring Yola’s SOPs, Policies, Working documents are in place
  • Manage the communication within and among the CEN department, other departments of Yola to ensure planning, implementation and continuous improvement of results.
  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of the CEN department.
  • Profit and Loss Targets are met. Costs are kept in line with revenues. All operational targets are being met.
  • Overseeing the professional development of their teams, including arranging formal training and providing training themselves. Provide leadership and direction to all staff and be responsible for performances and developments of all staff of the CEN department.
  • Direct line Manager of the following departments/teams: Training, Customer Experience, Opeations.

Performance Outcomes:

  • Detailed strategy and action plans, break down into each center’s action plans
  • Maintaining or creating required SOPs, Policies, working documents the CEN department or templates to do as such
  • That all staff fully understand expectations to achieve the CEN department’sand organizational strategic goals and annual key objectives.
  • The CEN department meets all operational targets: Conversion rate, Student satisfaction levels – NPS XX, Retention rate of XX% for KIDS/Junior, Enrolment targets and results (number of classes, ACS and number of active students etc…)
  • Forecasts of revenue and expenses within the approved yearly budget.
  • Budget is balanced for the CEN department and any over and under spend is highlighted, explained and action taken.
  • Assigned CMs and Center staff achieve individual KPIs;
  • Training needs are identified and training plan in place.
  • Building and maintaining low turnover of designated departments.


  • Minimum of 2 years management experience
  • Bachelor’s degree qualified and experience in education or a related field such as scaled hospitality, health, banking and insurance operations
  • Previous experience managing operational teams
  • Data and target driven mindset, a general understanding of business, sales and marketing
  • Highly analytical and possesses creative and intuitive problem-solving ability
  • Ability to communicate ideas and concepts clearly and accurately
  • Excellent communication skills, be highly attentive to details and be able to manage time accordingly

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