Salary: Negotiation


Team: BOD

Application deadline: 30/11 — 30/11/2020

Job Description


  • Drive investments in people, brand equity, processes, technologies and support services required to achieve the Yola vision.
  • Build people, teams and systems and align all of them around clear roles, accountabilities and agile processes for impact, scalability and speed; actively engage with senior executives to identify new opportunities, remove functional barriers preventing growth and generate alignment across departments to achieve strategic priorities.
  • Lead the deployment of analytics, automation, marketing technology, rapid prototyping, usability testing, customer journey mapping, content marketing to generate insights and clearly communicate value propositions and unique advantages of Yola products to achieve student growth and loyalty.
  • Develop creative acquisition channels through an integrated contents, digital, branding, and customer experience strategy and execute the strategy by implementing a digital testing roadmap across messaging, creative and audience using historical data as a guide to produce better, faster results; experiment with hundreds of messaging, pricing and product variables against customer profiles to identify the winning formula.
  • Design and implement the tools, diagnostics, metrics and dashboards for marketing framed in holistic, forward-looking and actionable ways in order to improve decision making and boost ROI for marketing spend.
  • Provide leadership and guidance for the tech and data teams to standardize data architecture, cloud computing and engineering processes and prioritize analytics and tech projects based on impact and feasibility, and execute through an agile process built for speed and flexibility.
  • Innovate product offerings by putting customers’ constantly changing needs first and apply test-and-learn approach to shorten time-to-market and ensure Yola brands and products are on the forefront of innovation.
  • Bridge business opportunities with R&D and new product teams via data insights and analyses and support the roll-out of experimental business opportunities including building baseline capabilities, defining success KPIs, and executing go-to-market strategy.


  • Possess core competencies of customer focus, strategic thinking, data-driven decision making, and result-driven.
  • Have a strategic mind and can derive insights, recommendations and action plans from qualitative market trends, consumer feedback and large amount of information and data sets; possessing at least five years of leadership experience in one or more areas of marketing, tech and data analytics is a plus.
  • Highly analytical, logical, technical to solve problems and emotional intelligence to read people and have clarity and decisiveness to convert customer insights into actions.
  • Deeply value and have experience with metrics-driven testing and data-driven marketing, including multivariate testing (MVT) and multi-armed bandit testing (MAB).
  • Experience in managing big teams and own cross-functional business and operational workstreams across internal teams as well as external stakeholders.
  • Proven experience hiring, coaching and leading diverse and high-performing teams.
  • Have customer and data-focused mentality and experience in managing multiple brands or products.
  • Eager to learn and evolve in all things from leadership to data/process/education — never stop pushing into the next big challenge.
  • Strong can-do attitude and passionate for high-impact education and innovative products.

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